Pick Open Master Padlock with Lishi Tool | Mr. Locksmith Vancouver West

Pick Open Master Padlock with Lishi Tool | Mr. Locksmith Vancouver West: A Lishi tool is a very good tool for locksmiths to use as it is a time-saving way of making replacement keys or opening locked cars. Lishi is also a style of lock picking technique that is very easy to learn compared to the conventional way of picking locks. It only uses one lifting probe, which can be set at a specific space marking that allows each tumbler to be moved into the open shearline position.

Open Master Padlock with Lishi Tool | Mr. Locksmith Vancouver West

Open Master Padlock with Lishi Tool | Mr. Locksmith Vancouver West

Pick Open Master Padlock with Lishi Tool

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The Lishi picks are well built and have a nice feel to them. Only a small amount of training would suffice to learn Lishi picking. Two reasons why I love Lishi tool: One, It’s going to teach how to become a better lock picker, because you’re gonna know exactly where you are to feel the binding pin, and the second thing is, my biggest pain in the butt for pick is 6-pin Schlage.

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Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith with a BA (Hons) Criminology. He has 35 years of experience in the locksmith and security industry and is a locksmith trainer providing On-LIne and Hands-On locksmith training to people, businesses and Law Enforcement all across North America and Asia.

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Lishi is a very good tool for locksmiths to figure out, because you have to use a Lishi tool and most the application you’re basically feeling the wafers, you’re going the binding wafer, you pick that one first and then you can go for the next binding wafer. That’s how you use the Mr. Lishi tools for automotive. They’ve come out with fantastic tools, they’ve come out with four tools now. One for 5-pin quick set, the 6-pin quick set, also the 5-pin Schlage, and the 6-pin Schlage.

Open Master Padlock with Lishi Tool | Mr. Locksmith Vancouver West

Open Master Padlock with Lishi Tool | Mr. Locksmith Vancouver West


So you can get KW1, KW5, or KW10 I will call it. The SC1 and the SC4. I had the pleasure of testing some of the prototypes. The tools made my Mr. Lishi, I tested the 5-pin and the 6-pin Mr. Lishi tools on quick set rocks, and they say it’ll do whether it has mushroom or spool pins or whatever. It’s exactly the same as when you’re using regular picks. You put the tool in and you’re feeling for which pin is binding first.

Single Pin Picking, SPP, or they like to call the field method or the French method. We’ll call it the SPP for today. Because of the tolerances within the lock and the inaccuracies of machining, we will find um let’s take a 5-pin one of the pins will be binding, and that’s the pin you pick first. And the tool is fantastic because it has all your spacing for quick set and the depths and we know they go most of the quick sets go 1 to 6. So you can feel with the tool you can find exactly which one is binding. You pick that one and then find your next one. So it’s not always 1-2-3-4-5, it could be the 3rd, the 5th, the 4th, the 2nd. You just remember which one’s binding first, and it’s not the same in all locks, because of the different machining processes.

Now that picks really quick now watch this we leave it picked we can read this thing, so let’s read it. So the first cut is…so that’s a four. The second cut, is a five. Third cut is a five. And the fourth cut is a one. So, not only can we pick this pretty quick, we can read it and I’ll make a key to it!

Pick Open Master Padlock with Lishi Tool | Mr. Locksmith Vancouver West

Pick Open Master Padlock with Lishi Tool | Mr. Locksmith Vancouver West


How to Pick Locks On-Line Course | Mr. Locksmith™

How to Pick Locks On-Line Course | Mr. Locksmith Blog

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I will teach you how to rekey and pick locks like a Professional Locksmith.

This is an On-Line Locksmith Class covering basic to advanced Lock Picking Methods and Techniques. Learning how to pick open locks starts with learning the basic to advanced methods of lock picking. The locksmith student will learn the various methods of picking open a lock. I have been teaching locksmith, military, police, law enforcement and Fire Departments for over 30 years how to pick open deadbolts, key-in-knob, padlocks, filing cabinets and “pick resistant” and “pick proof” locks. The lock picking class will cover the basic methods are as “Rake,” “Feel” and “Rake and Feel” lock picking methods to advanced lock picking techniques to open locks with mushroom, spool, and spiral pins and how to use bump keys.

On-Line “How to Pick Locks” will cover and discuss:

– Picking a lock
– Opening a lock with no keys
– Single pin picking, Feel Method, French Method
– Raking, Jiggling, Bumping, Scrubbing
– Can you lock even be picked?
– High-Security Locks
– Tubular, Ace, etc.
– The lock has malfunctioned.
– Reading Locks
– Buying Picks
– Making Picks
– Electronic Picks
– Pick Guns
– Methods of Entry
– Legal Issues
– Tools
– Preparation for Entry
– Setup your own Lock Practice Boards
– Automotive Lock Picking
– Other Lock Bypass Methods
– DAME (Defense Against Methods of Entry)
– Rekey Key in Knobs
– Shiming a lock
– Other methods to Open a lock

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*How to use the brand new Lishi Kwikset and Schlage picks!!!

How to Pick Locks On-Line Course | Mr. Locksmith™

About Terry Whin-Yates

I am very happy to announce I have a new online course on how to pick locks. And it goes from the basic raking methods right up to the single pin picking or the field methods. So you can pick easily the Kwikset, the Weisers, the Schlage. You can learn how to do this.

I show you how to set up your practice pick boards using all the different picks. Also, I have all the newest electric pick guns.

I was just at Lishi, unveiling of the Kwikset Lishi picks. Those are going to be fantastic. They have a residential line that’s geared for Kwikset and Schlage, five and six pin.

The online course is good for locksmiths, Lock Sport, you get a good basic understanding here, and as well as we are going to be having more info for the police and the fire departments. I have been asked by a lot of fire departments to have more training for them.

This is going to be a great online course. I have over a dozen videos now. I have more videos being added to it all the time. So sign up now. I got a great introductory price for everybody. I look forward to hearing your comments.